Squaremetersample develops further …
sometimes in pairs, in threes or for,
then again alone, as the situation demands.

Squaremetersample from St. Gallen, currently consisting of Nathalie Maerten and Kafid, cook up soulful vocals with playful electronics and wonderful hiccup arrangements. It started, quite literally, on one square meter of an old stairwell. Nathalie Maerten does not commit herself musically and that makes her a bit of a chameleon guerillia. She moves along the edges, walks through the middle of the desert, occasionally under or flies across the galaxies, inspires, strides through rooms, past burning cars and colorful birds - then sober again on the ground. Antenna out, tune in... Wait... Where is it going next?
Her first single was released in November 2020, just before the first lockdown hit us. "A tower room held me tight for a little while, where did I scatter all this time - we passed some stormy nights.“